Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 68

 "I had held such hatred for you for so long" he says as he cuts the silence. “I got had my people contact the agency to know if you are still about that life and if you can ever be faithful or truthful with me” His bright eyes staring deep into mine "And you attempted to take your life, what were you thinking?" I look away from him. "I wasn't thinking, but how did you know?"

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 67

The last man I slept with had promised to give me a gift because I know" he gave me the oh yes I know look and I shrug it off. I wanted to tell him I had fucked Abdullahi silly but he knows that part of me already. "Instead of the gift I got your document and after meeting you and getting to know you, it seemed like I got the miracle I was asking for, you took me out of my depressed state and I couldn't thank you more for that, I was loyal to you Roman, because you were the best thing that ever happened to me, I..I.." I pause to look at the food dropped in front of me. Salad and chicken, I had stopped eating salad since I stopped talking to him. I take a spoon and it tastes divine. "I'm listening" he says.

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 66

"so why did you lie?" Finally!!! "I thought I was protecting you roman, really...I was being threatened by the agency I worked for, they wanted me to continue after I told them I was done, they still do, the send me series of messages before I blocked them but they don't know where I am presently. When I met you, I was lost, I was depressed because I wasn't doing what I had always wanted to do, I wanted to change the world, make impact in the little ways that I can but the decision I made one certain day turned everything around for me.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 65

"I want to know if you'll be okay being with me" "I don't understand" "I know....about everything" he looks at my wrist and I widen my eyes in shock. "Yes and you visiting a therapist, so will you be okay being with me for long?" How can I forget what a freak he is, he probably has my life on his iPad but if he had been mad at me all this while, why does he care?.

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 64

I mean i still have to move on with my life eventually if Roman forgives me. The drive back to Lades house didn't take long because we were close by. "You won't regret it" he says again and he engages me in a soft kiss, I try to open up my heart to him, forcing the emotion to come to the surface. His palm brings my face closer as he deepens the kiss, his lips fondling mine in the most gentle way ever. "Take care of yourself"

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 63

He said he'll soon be here to pick me up so I wait patiently in Victoria's studio while I gather the boldness to tell my past once again. ### "That my story and why I have avoided getting serious with you" I explain to will. He had parked his car at a silent road after sensing the urgency in my voice and I had spent the last thirty minutes feeling him everything to the part where I had tried to kill myself.

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 62

"I can't believe I've been missing this all this while" I point at the guy with crazy abs and she smacks my arm. "Common I'm serious babes, he is devastated that you are not taking him serious enough and I love my brother, I don't want anyone hurting him, not even my friend"

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 61

"I can explain everything if you allow me" I say pleadingly, hoping he will give me a chance to apologize and justify every lie I told. "Okay, I'll send you a message" he says as he drops my wrist. "My date must be waiting for me, till some other time" he says before walking away. As if that's all my spirit needed, I feel so much better, probably

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 60

The music playing at the background does not console me, my stomach burning with hunger does not console me, my heart is bleeding and I'm trying not to cry out loud. I'm scared and terrified all at once. I thought I was free, I thought I had moved on but why am I feeling his way? I hold unto a metal holding a water container to hold myself together.

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 59

So I serve my meal, a mixture of Jollof and Fried rice with beef and snail, I might as well enjoy the party....I can see a bottle of Rose at the end of the line so I walk to it and serve myself few cups taking turn in drinking each.

Story; Escort and the billionaire2- episode 58

"Yes, I'm out, I came out to call you" "is anyone with you there?" he asks "Yes, my friend" "him or her?" He asks "her""give her the phone" I eye Lade not sure if I want to involve her in my craziness, "my doctor wants to talk to you"